Brickshooter Egypt

Brickshooter Egypt

Brickshooter Egypt is a puzzle game based on Brickshooter classic
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Brickshooter: Egypt is a puzzle game developed by Terminal Studios. The game is based on their famous Brickshooter formula. Although it does include a match-three formula, the game is totally different from other puzzle games. The brickshooter formula consist of a few bricks of different colors surrounded by a wall of bricks randomly organized. You shoot these outer bricks into the inter bricks so they can stick and start matching them. However, this is easier said than done, because the way the bricks are organized will have you thinking for the best possible option in order to eliminate the bricks in the center of the game area. In this "Egypt" version, the developers used that formula with an Egyptian theme, and it works. The presentation of the game is simply superb. Great graphics, animations and sounds wrap up this great game. The amount of levels you get in this package is huge. There is really no question about it, Brickshooter is a good game, but Brickshooter: Egypt is the best of the two. An excellent puzzle game.

Ismael Mireles
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